Monday, November 24, 2014

Don’t give them the Narrative

By Vic Rosenthal

Narrative is everything in information warfare.
If you give your enemy the narrative, then the game is tilted in his favor from the start.
Palestinian Arabs constantly repeat the myth that they are an indigenous people and we stole their land. This is an article of faith in Europe, the UK, American campuses, Tel Aviv coffee houses and the White House.
Our officials act as though they believe this. They offer to ‘return’ land to the ‘Palestinians’ in return for security from their terrorism. They feel guilty about ‘Palestinian refugees’ whose ancestors mostly left to escape a war that they and their allies started and who were kept in refugee camps because the Arab states and (later) the PLO wanted them there to be an army against Israel.
The myth is made-up history. They aren’t indigenous. They are mostly Arabs from Syria, Egypt and other places whose ancestors arrived here in the 19th and 20th centuries. And they would have lost nothing if they and their allies hadn’t waged war against us. We don’t owe them anything.
The PLO pretended to want a peaceful state alongside Israel. Our leaders, again, acted as though the believed this. We brought it back from the dead, gave it a base next door to us, armed and funded it. But it is the same terrorist gang that it was in 1972, when it murdered our athletes in Munich. Thousands of Jews (and not a few Arabs) died because of this monumental stupidity.
Two myths — the existence of a wronged “Palestinian people” and the peaceful intentions of the PLO. They are the received wisdom in most of the world. Why shouldn’t they be? We and most of our leaders don’t dispute it!
Even PM Netanyahu, who certainly knows that he can’t trust the PLO, acts as though it is possible to give up land to some kind of ‘demilitarized’ Palestinian entity in return for quiet.
It isn’t. Give them a base and they will fortify it and attack us from it. But more important, give them anything and it legitimizes their always-escalating demands. The so-called “peace process” was nothing but an extortion process.
We need to recover from the mistake of Oslo, to tell the world over and over that we do not recognize the “Palestinian people” as an entity that has the right to demand anything from us, and that we consider the PLO (and Hamas and all the other factions waving their AKs in the air) as terrorists who are guilty of multiple murders and crimes against humanity.
Many people say there is value in cooperating with the PLO against Hamas. They are enemies and the enemy of our enemy, etc. I think it’s not worth it. Our relationship to both the PLO and Hamas should be the same: massively disproportionate response to terrorism.
It is also important to tell the Arab citizens of Israel that we won’t treat them as a national minority. They are an ethnic and religious minority, Arabs and Muslims or Christians, who have civil rights as citizens of the state. They are not “Palestinians” who have special political rights. Unlike virtually all the Arab states, who have treated Jews as a (hated) national minority and expelled them, we will not expel them just for being Arabs. We do require that they don’t try to murder us.
So they feel oppressed living in a Jewish state? Where on earth is the Arab or Muslim state in which Arabs are as free to do as they please as Israel? What kind of rights do they have in Egypt or Saudi Arabia? Is the fact that we sing Hatikva more painful than the real repression in those countries? This shows that it is not a question of wanting to be free of oppression, but rather a desire to be free of Jews.
Finally, we needn’t be ashamed of our own identity as a Jewish state, the state of the Jewish people. Unlike the “Palestinians,” we do have a history. This does not agree with what Natan Sharansky calls the “post-identity” philosophy, but who cares? The Europeans, who are the great proponents of eliminating national identities and becoming world citizens, are watching their formerly great civilization die, both by demographic attrition and the thousand cuts of terrorism, murder and rape.
I am for telling the truth, and negotiating on the basis of the truth. If we don’t do this, who will?

My Homage to the Rabbis Killed in Jerusalem (from INN)

The four rabbis murdered in Jerusalem were living Torah Scrolls.
Published: Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:23 PM

Their every word and deed revealed an ancient civilization and traditions filtered through the centuries. Their bodies were turned into fountains of blood by the delirium of Islamist murderers who shouted "Allahu Akbar". But to see them alive, shadows swaying, was to realize that those four learned men transmitted the plastic image of scenes from the Old Testament.
They each wanted to aspire to be a "talmid khakham", students of rabbis who preceded them, in the tradition of those pious scholars who founded a democratic theocracy and rebelled against the most formidable autocratic monarchy of the time, Egypt. 
The four Israeli rabbis killed with a machete in the synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem, lived with an acute sense of the Jewish tragedy. The destruction of the Temple, the mass pogroms of Chmielnicki and the Holocaust were physically present in their lives. 
They spoke of  "mesirut nefesh", Hebrew for self-sacrifice. "The Lord chooses his children, we have to respect his wishes." This infinite compassion was the greatness of Rabbis Moshe Twersky, Aryeh Kupinsky, Kalman Levine and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg. They had a pale and elusive beauty, intensified by a spiritual contempt for fear. They wore long white beards and blue eyes bursting with curiosity.
Twersky was heir to two of the families who have contributed volumes to the glory of Orthodox Judaism. A life of study and prayer. His maternal grandfather, the great Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Jewish philosopher and rabbinic head of Yeshiva University, known simply as "the Rav", pressed Pope Paul VI to reinstate the condemnation of the charge of deicide during the writing of the Vatican encyclical on Judaism Nostra Aetate, which had disappeared from the draft under the pressure of the Arab eastern churches. The other grandfather, Rabbi Isadore Twersky, famous for his works on Maimonides, founded the Center of Jewish studies at Harvard. 
At first glance, the Israeli world presents, sometimes almost exasperatingly, the character of the most advanced, unscrupulous Western societies. In Har Nof, however, and in the synagogue where the massacre took place, once finds the other Israel, the pious, humble, religious Israel, that can be found in the older ultra-Orthodox densely populated neighborhoods, in parts of Judea and Samaria and large neighborhoods of Jerusalem built after 1967.
In the hill of the massacre, Har Nof, literally the Hill of Vistas, lived Former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who died a year ago, the phenomenal rabbi who had won the title of "Ma'or Yisrael", the Light of Israel.
The motto here is: "First the Torah, then the State".
The attack on the synagogue was a deja vu. forJerusalem, On August 19, 2003,  Jerusalem's number 2 bus was filled with worshipers returning from the Western Wall when twenty-three Jewish passengers were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. It was called "the bus of holiness." For many of the victims, going to the Kotel was a holiday, a source of immense joy.
The four rabbis wanted to "help sixteen million Jews in the world to reach contact with God and the commandments." The watchwords of Twersky were like those of Chabad: wisdom (chochmah), understanding (binah), and knowledge (Daath). Twersky and the others were in the world, but out of the world.
You see them everywhere in Jerusalem, they are always in good spirits, they turn to strangers with a smile, if they are Chabad, they immediately offer to fasten the phylacteries, coiling them around the arm with the agility of magicians. 
They were the heroes of a world of simplicity, directness and prodigious familiarity with God; that same world that Marc Chagall revealed with his pictorial art. Education and social assistance were the priorities of these four Jews. The biographies of the four vibrated with the paradox of a proportion that dropped entirely in the reality of the human, the radical absence of abstraction, the continuous passage from earth to heaven, a sublimity tinged with humor.
The Torah scholars killed by Palestinian terrorists had all left lives of ease and assimilation in the outskirts of the West.
Levine was born in Kansas City, he was the son of a lawyer, and in Israel studied in the old hareidi neighborhood of Meah Shearim, which means "one hundred doors", a fortress where Jews live, sleep, work with the Bible and the Talmud under their eyes. 
Rabbi Kupinsky was from Detroit, where he was well known in the city (his parents had taught at Wayne State University). Kupinsky had moved to Har Nof from his family's home in Kiryat Arba, the "City of Four", adjoining Hevron, the city of the Jewish Patriarchs, where Jewish life is behind a tall metal fence that runs all around the houses, the post office, the school.  A place where war is not on television, but enters the low houses of white stone and is on the roads, in the pine forest, in the games for children. "Welcome to the Messiah," says the yellow banner that greets visitors at the entrance of the village-bunker. It was founded with the blessing of Labour, not the Likud. It was born with 18 inhabitants and 11 Bibles. 
Rabbi Goldberg was a chemical engineer from Liverpool and a consultant for the hareidim, "the righteous", those who live in houses with only basic furniture. Goldberg had arrived in Israel in 1991, while the scuds of Saddam Hussein hit Tel Aviv, Iraq threatened to "burn half of Israel" and the Jews pulled out gas masks from the khaki box they had hidden in a corner of the house to exorcise it. Goldberg had left the idyllic hills of Golders Green, the middle class of Jewish London.
When Palestinian terrorists stormed the synagogue in Har Nof, the four rabbis had their eyes turned to the east praying towards the Old City of Jerusalem where once stood the Temple and the Holy Ark of the Covenant. They were killed wearing their phylacteries and prayer shawls, eyes still fixed on the siddur, the book of prayer. About to say a Psalm: "This is the gate of God and the righteous will enter it."
They were really the princes of Israel. The day after the massacre, the yeshiva of Bnei Torah on the western hill of Jerusalem, the blood of the martyrs, the  kedoshim, was removed to be buried along their poor remains. But the day after dozens of Jews returned to the synagogue to thank God. So that God can smile down at His people again after that horrific day.
I bow before them. 

After the Massacre, Change the Dynamic

By Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

How does a human being (or two) walk into a synagogue and begin hacking at worshippers who are immersed in prayer, leaving behind a trail of blood, victims, grief and horror?

The question is misplaced because no “human being” could do such a thing. It would have to be a beast in human form, a relic from primitive times before true humans became civilized. The Arab-Muslim animals that span the globe chopping, hacking and merrily decapitating – from Iraq to Jerusalem to New York to Oklahoma, and places in between and beyond – are a discredit even to the term “animal.” Most animals are not that brutal.

The real issue confronting Israel for decades and the civilized world today is what to do about the proliferation of savages who lust for blood and derive inspiration from their religious texts? One example not to follow is that of President Obama’s. In one of his more ludicrous statements in the last few months – amid a healthy competition – he decried the attack, the loss of life “on both sides (!),” and then added this gem: that the “overwhelming majority of Palestinians…want to live in peace.” Really? And based on what data was that determination made? That only tens of thousands of “Palestinians” rejoiced after the massacre, singing and dancing in the streets, distributing candies and sweets, praising the vicious slaughter and the slaughterers – and not hundreds of thousands? Polls in the PA reveal widespread support for the murder of Jews so what exactly is he talking about??

Obama seems to be as much an expert on “Palestinian” society as he is about Islam generally. His incessant protestation that ISIS distorts Islam is based on…what exactly? ISIS and sundry other radical groups seem to feel that they are fulfilling the dictates of Islam – and the few Muslims who disagree meet their fate at the business end of a machete. Actions speak louder than words. Obama’s expertise in Islam has led him to cede the Middle East to the most ruthless forces, embrace the radical Muslim Turk Erdogan as an American ally, and facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Perhaps with a nuclear weapon, Iran will be civilized, or so the thinking goes.

Little can or should be expected from Obama or from the Europeans, mired as they are in cultural deterioration, moral relativism, population decline and Muslim-inspired Jew hatred. Sweden just became the latest country to recognize “Palestine.” Sweden (!), which willfully encourages those who favor the shechita of Jews even as they themselves ban the shechita (ritual slaughter) of animals. How is that for misplaced priorities and corrupt values? And we should be clear, as the wave of recognition sweeps Europe in the coming year: any country that recognizes a “Palestine” is endorsing the mass slaughter of Jews.

But Israel has to act, especially as the violence has spiraled out of control. The dynamic needs to change, dramatically. At a certain point, the unrestrained behavior of unruly animals becomes the fault of the zookeeper, not the animals. What can be done?

Clearly, many things can be done that should not be in print, but the general approach needs to be the abandonment of defensive, reactive moves and an embrace of offensive, anticipatory, and proactive moves. The Arabs need to feel that they are paying a heavy price for murdering Jews. Right now, not only do they not pay a heavy price but the murderers and their families benefit. Here are some suggestions to change the dynamic, and they are all based on a single premise: that there is a war  for the land of Israel that is being waged, and the Arabs who dwell in the land of Israel are the enemy in that war and must be vanquished.

Israel should make clear that a Palestinian state will never be created between the river and the sea. There will be no non-Jewish national entity tolerated. The Muqata in Ramallah should be destroyed and “President” Abbas should be incarcerated as a war criminal.

Terrorists will be killed, not captured (no great loss, as their fondest wish is for martyrdom). Their bodies will not be returned to their families but will be cremated, and perhaps the ashes buried with deceased pigs. The homes of the extended family (up to and including first cousins) of the terrorist will be destroyed, and they will all be deported to the Muslim country of their choice. A second terrorist in a village results in the destruction of that village and the deportation of its residents to a friendlier country. (If the homes in that village would be useful to Jews, then they should be retained and given to Jews after the evil residents are deported. Or, as they used to say in Israel, disengaged.)
Anyone who riots or throws a stone at a Jew should be shot – with real bullets. Rubber bullets and tear gas should be sold to the Amish. Those who wish to be martyred and who celebrate death should be accommodated as often as possible. The media should be barred from scenes of violence, cell service canceled and cameras confiscated, like in most war zones.

In the meantime, Arab access to the Temple Mount will be denied for at least six months, and Jewish prayer will be allowed thenceforth at permissible locations, such as they might be. It is unconscionable crime to deny Jews the right to move their lips on the Temple Mount! And those who refrain from ascending the Mount for halachic reasons will surely agree that if Jews cannot be there, certainly Muslims cannot be there. And perhaps the day will come in the near future when the mosque and the dome can be uplifted intact and reset in Saudi Arabia, Syria or wherever it is wanted. (The Arab countries can fight over it if they want.) That itself will preclude any Arab claim to Jerusalem.

The same restrictions and limitations would pertain to the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron. Any terror emanating from Hevron results in closure of the facility to Muslims. In fact, we should apply to Muslim holy places the exact same respect and deference they have shown to Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu holy sites across the world. That seems only fair.

As noted here in the past, measures need to be implemented that encourage Arab emigration – the payment of stipends, compensation for property, etc. Thy must be made to feel that that they have no future in the land of Israel – no national future and no individual future. Start with the Arabs of Judea and Samaria who are stateless; they deserve to find a country in which they can be full citizens and make their contribution to society. Let them demonstrate in an Arab country their dexterity with bombs and their grace with machetes. (If Israeli Arabs persist in their support of terror – now at a low level, but who can predict the future? – they should forfeit their citizenship and be returned to military rule as it was before 1966.) Of course, those who wish to stay and be peaceful, acknowledging the sovereignty of the Jewish people in the land of Israel, are welcome to stay. But an enemy is an enemy – and one who wants to kill you, maim you, blow up your buses, trains and restaurants, run over your pedestrians and conquer your capital is an enemy, and a ruthless one at that. Why so many Israelis do not perceive that is an enduring enigma, an enigma that has enabled the relentless slaughter of Jews.

There are other measures as well but here is the problem: not a single method above will be enacted. That is why right now there is absolutely no deterrent to the murder and maiming of Jews. Indeed, it is exactly the opposite. The slaughter of Jews is incentivized in Arab society. Often the terrorist is killed (martyrdom and virgins), lionized and immortalized with the naming after him of streets, schools and camps (eternity), and his family receives a monthly pension of thousands of dollars to compensate for his lost earnings (financial reward). Under those circumstances, and given the primitive culture in which they are raised, it is an irrational act not to want to murder Jews.
That is the dynamic that has to change.

Yet, despite everything, much of Israeli society still clings to the illusion that “peace” is possible with these savages, or at least that someone, somewhere, sometime, will sign a peace treaty with them. That illusion is slowly receding, but it is still abetted by the elites of Israeli society, especially because it is being propounded and pushed by Western governments like the US and in the European Union. There is no more deadly illusion on the planet, except for construing ISIS as a cold summer treat enjoyed by children.

Rational thinkers will argue that the “world” will never tolerate such Draconian sanctions, that countries will sever diplomatic relations with Israel, cut off trade ties and completely isolate the Jewish state. And, in the short term, much of that is true. But is there an alternative short of national suicide and self-immolation? Israel has much to offer the world, without which many people in the world would suffer, that such alienation will be short-lived. And Israel’s pivot to Asia (much more successful than Obama’s clumsy and failed one) has allowed Israel to strike close relations with the two largest nations on the globe, China and India. Neither country is moved in its foreign affairs by a moral impulse and both countries are anxious for military ties with Israel. And do not overestimate the popularity of the Palestinians in the rest of the world; truth be told, they are reviled even in the Arab world, perhaps even more than in Europe.

We should not ignore as well the rank hypocrisy that promotes the double standard that cripples Israel’s ability to defend itself. Case in point: this week, Egypt evicted thousands of Arabs along the Gaza border and destroyed hundreds of their homes for “security reasons.” No courts, no appeals, no process. Some of the homes were being used to conceal tunnels, so they all had to go.

Moral? Not in normal times, but Egypt recognizes it is at war with a heartless enemy, and that enemy and its population deserve no accommodation. Even Jen Psaki found no fault in Egypt’s actions, the phony.

If only Jews would realize the same and stop fantasizing about convincing that enemy of our own goodness. Here is one exercise that should help: the same enemy that lynched soldiers in Ramallah and tore them apart is the same enemy that butchered holy Jews this week in Har Nof is the same enemy that kidnapped and murdered three precious boys just a few months ago.

It’s the same enemy. And that enemy rides our buses, shops in our malls, drives on our roads and lives just two miles from us. The same enemy.

Do you know where that enemy is, and what he is plotting right now?

Change the dynamic. Change the terms of the debate. Change the rules of war. And change the outcome that the enemy now anticipates. Such will save Jewish lives and even bring redemption.

Is Israel Jewish and Democratic?

By MK Moshe Feiglin

The Knesset is in an uproar right now over the Jewish State Bill. The bill simply states that Israel is the national home of the Jewish People, while also affording full rights to citizens of other religions. The Left vehemently opposes this bill, calling it ‘undemocratic’.
The true litmus test of the democratic leanings and liberalism of the Knesset Members, however, is not the Jewish State Bill. It is the “Israel Hayom” bill, passed last week in the Knesset. An MK who votes in favor of closing a newspaper that doesn’t fit his/her political views is not safeguarding democracy. Amazingly, those very same small dictators are now crying crocodile tears over the loss of democracy. “Israel is Jewish and democratic,” declares Justice Minister Tzippy Livni and promptly turns to the Attorney General and the ‘Rule of Law’ gang to once again block Israel’s solid Jewish majority from actualizing its values in the state that it established.
Is Israel indeed Jewish and democratic? A state whose parliament closes newspapers is not a democratic state. A state in which 93% of the land reserves belong to the State – is not democratic. A state in which the army drives thousands of citizens from their homes is not a democratic state.  A state that employs administrative detention is not democratic. A state in which the Education Minister – not the parents – is responsible for the education of the children – is not a democratic state. A state in which a small, non-representative judicial clique nullifies Knesset laws is not a democratic state. A state in which the army runs its own public radio station, while the public needs a license to broadcast is not a democratic state. A state in which firearms are confiscated from loyal citizens but are stockpiled in all the hostile villages is not democratic. And the list goes on…
On the other hand, a state established to realize the national aspirations of one nation, which meticulously safeguards the human rights of all other nationals loyal to the existence of the nation-state of those who established it – is certainly democratic. Furthermore, it is that state’s prerogative and duty to safeguard the ‘golden egg’ that will keep the ‘family business’ in the family’s hands – and out of the hands of irresponsible descendants who may suddenly decide to sell it.
Israel wants to be democratic. We can even say that Israel is more democratic than its neighbors. But we are still a long way from the Jewish state of liberty that we have dreamed of.
The word “democracy” does not appear at all in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. That is because democracy is not a goal; democracy is a method. “Democracy is the worst form of government,” said Winston Churchill, “except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” I also do not know of a better method with which to implement liberty. As such, I am more democratic than all those currently howling against the Jewish State Bill.
“We declare today the establishment of a Jewish State in the Land of Israel,” Ben Gurion announced. I once asked a group of cadets visiting the Knesset what exactly Ben Gurion said when he declared Israel’s independence. Many of them seriously thought that Ben Gurion said “Jewish and democratic.”
That, of course, is preposterous. Not one of the dreamers and pioneers, the new immigrants and fighters, the builders and planters who returned to our holy Land after 2000 years of exile did so in order to establish another democratic state. If that had been their goal, they could have gone to America or Australia. Most of the Jewish emigrants, by the way, did exactly that. Those who came to Israel wanted a Jewish State. The absolute majority preferred the democratic method as a means to rule the Jewish State. But to place the essence and the means to achieve it on the same plane is demagoguery – cunningly designed to confuse the public and hijack the Jewish State from the Jewish majority.
More than anyone else, the person who heralded the “Jewish democratic” revolution was former Chief Justice Aharon Barak. When Barak was asked what, in his opinion, is a Jewish state, he simply explained that whatever is democratic is Jewish. In other words, in Israel’s High Court, Israel became democratic and democratic. When former president Peres resigned, he had no qualms about saying, “For me, the State of Israel is the state of all its citizens.”
To sum it all up, my dear democrats: Democracy is the last thing that interests you. Your intention is to erode Israel’s Jewish identity and you do so by means of what you call ‘democracy.’ The Jewish State Bill does no harm at all to democracy. On the contrary; it preserves the values of the majority and does not allow a small minority to act against its will. But the Jewish State Bill somewhat curbs your quest to erase Israel’s Jewish identity. And that is what makes you so livid.

Israel also fights America's battle

By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger

The soaring threat of Islamic terrorism to the US mainland, pro-US Arab regimes, Europe, India, Asia, Africa and Australia has reaffirmed Israel's role as the moral and military outpost of the US in the Middle East.
Israel's strategic role has gained in importance against the backdrop of the US withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, the drastic cuts in the US defense budget, the resulting erosion of the US posture of deterrence, the collapse of the European power projection, the raging tectonic Arab Tsunami, the intensified anti-US sentiments on the Arab Street and the unprecedented Islamic threats to vital US economic and national security interests.    
In 2014, Israel is confronting the Palestinian Authority and Hamas terrorism.  The latter is a subsidiary of the transnational Muslim Brotherhood, which has terrorized pro-US Arab regimes in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt, amplifying the five pillar banner: "Allah is our objective; the Qur'an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish." 
These Arab countries realized that Israel was fighting their battle during the recent war in Gaza, overtly criticizing Hamas and subtly supporting Israel. According to the Yemen Times: "The Saudi King, Abdullah, attacked unnamed 'traitor terrorists,' who sully the name of Islam... implying that he viewed Hamas as much of a terrorist group as the Islamic State…. The so-called 'Arab moderates' have become even more blatant in their US-Israel alignment…. with a vulgar anti-Palestinian position." According to Dr. Mira Tzoreff of the Dayan Center for Middle East Studies, "The sympathetic opinions voiced in Egypt's state-run media regarding Israel's posture towards Hamas - even before the 2014 war in Gaza - were unprecedented….. President Sisi believes that Hamas was responsible for attacks on Egyptian military and security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula…."  The Saudi daily, Al Arabiya, reported that hundreds of Egyptian soldiers were killed, in Sinai, by Ansar Beit al Maqdis' Jihadist terrorists - associated with ISIS, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood - since June, 2014.  CNN claims that Israel is fighting a proxy war against Hamas, advancing the homeland security interests of Jordan and the Gulf States.
In 2014, the eyes of the pro-US Arab regimes are upon Israel and its war on Islamic terrorism!
In 2014, Israel is facing Hamas, one of the numerous offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been the most productive incubator of Islamic terror organizations, such as Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, al Nusr'a, Ahrar al-Sham, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Ansar a-Shari'a, Taliban, Nigeria's Boko Haram, etc. These terror organizations strive to establish an Islamic Middle East empire, as a prelude to global domination, bringing the US and the Western World to social, political and military submission, governed by the laws of Islam.
Irrespective of the Palestinian issueIsrael (the "Little Satan") has been a major obstacle to megalomaniacal Islamic imperialism, clipping the wings of terrorism, thus enhancing the homeland security of pro-US Arab regimes, and according the US (the "Big Satan") a reliable beachhead in the economically and militarily critical Middle East.
In 2014, US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq benefit from the battle experience of Israel, in general, and counter-terrorism and urban warfare, in particular.  In 2007, Israel demolished a Syrian-Iranian-North Korean nuclear reactor.  In 1982, Israel destroyed twenty Syrian-operated, advanced Soviet surface-to-air missile batteries, which were deployed throughout the world and deemed impregnable by the US.  Israel's unique battle tactics were promptly shared with the US Air Force, enhancing the US military edge over Moscow.  In 1981, Israel devastated Iraq's nuclear reactor, sparing the US a nuclear confrontation with Iraq in 1991.  On July 4, 1976, Israel's Entebbe hostage-rescue operation was a turning point in the battle against Islamic terrorism, inspiring Western democracies and dealing a blow to America's enemies and adversaries.  In 1973, in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War against Soviet-aligned Egypt and Syria, Israel shared with the US its battle experience, as well as captured Soviet military systems, which provided the US military command and defense industries with a global competitive edge. In 1970, Israel's military forced pro-Soviet Syria to roll back its invasion of pro-US Jordan, which aimed at toppling the Hashemite regime, surging into Saudi Arabia, according the USSR a dramatic triumph and dealing the US an unprecedented economic and national security blow.  In 1967, Israel obliterated the military forces of Syria and Egypt, aborting an attempt by the pro-Soviet Egyptian President, Nasser, to bring down pro-US Persian Gulf regimes, control the supply and price of oil, dominate the Arab World and provide Moscow with an historical victory.  In November, 1952, following Israel's performance during the 1948-49 War of Independence, General Omar Bradley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposed to expand strategic cooperation with Israel, only to be rebuffed by the Department of State, which was Arab-oriented, denying the US a more effective outpost in the Middle East.
In 2014, the US faces a most vicious Islamic terrorist threat, which benefits from hundreds of sleeper cells on the US mainland, is not amenable to peaceful coexistence and is not driven by the Palestinian issue, but by a 14-century-old intolerant violent Islamic ideology.  It behooves the US to learn from history by avoiding, rather than repeating, past mistakes; enhancing - rather than eroding - the mutually-beneficial, win-win ties with its most stable, reliable, effective, experienced, democratic, unconditional ally, Israel.

MK Moshe Feiglin: Unite all Nationalist Parties Under Likud Umbrella

“I have  always said that uniting the entire national camp into one large bloc led by the Likud – much like the Republican Party in the United States – would be a most positive development,” said MK Moshe Feiglin following persistent rumors of a joint Likud-Jewish Home ticket in the upcoming elections.  “But the process we are witnessing is one in which the Likud no longer leads, but is melting away. The Likud’s loss of nationalist values has resulted in the party falling from 40 Knesset seats and being forced to join Liberman to stay in power.” Feiglin continued.
“In the previous elections, Liberman received a third of the Likud’s power on the joint list. The Likud is now reportedly offering the Jewish Home’s Bennett half of its power. At this rate, the fate of the Likud, which has lost its values, may end up like the fate of Kadima. Only the Likud under my leadership, a Likud with a clear mission and values, will be able to bring the voters who have sought substitutes in the national camp – back home,” concluded Feiglin.

MK Moshe Feiglin: The Only Response to the Jerusalem Massacre (English Video)

Friday, November 21, 2014

What’s in a Name?

A Torah Thought for Parshat Toldot 

by Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovitch

As is well-known today, there are two types of twins – identical (monozygotic) twins and fraternal (dizygotic) twins. As a rule, non-identical twins develop in separate placentas. Clearly, Esav and Yaacov were fraternal twins, and in that case, how is one to understand the Torah’s assertion that Yaacov grasped Esav’s foot? Did his tiny hand actually break through both placentas and grab the foot? If so, this must have been a truly fascinating occurrence – and it is no wonder that it caught the attention of the midwife (or whoever was present at the birth) and was apparently memorialized in Yaacov’s name! Thus on the verse (Bereishith 25:26): “and his hand was holding the foot (עקב) of Esav, and he called his name Yaacov”, Rashi comments: His father called him Yaacov on account of the holding of the foot.
However, Rashi first explains that when the verse says “he” called his name Yaacov, it is referring to Hashem. That is, Hashem named him Yaacov. But, here, Rashi does not give the basis for the name! R. Yosef Colon (מהרי”ק) therefore suggests (based on the usage of the root עקב in Job 37:4) that on this approach, the name means “he who will outlast” (see also Tosafos Nazir 22b s.v. אמרה) – alluding to the fact that in the end of days, the descendants of Jacob will supplant the descendants of Esav as leaders of the world. Indeed, Rashi (s.v. בעקב עשו) explains the symbolism of the holding of the foot to mean that at some point (the descendants of) Jacob will take the leadership away from (the descendants of) Esav.
A different – and offensive – interpretation of Jacob’s name is given by Esav. On discovering that Yitzchak has given Jacob the blessing intended for Esav, the latter remarks (Bereishith 27:36): “Indeed, this is why he was called Ya’acov, for he has cheated me twice, he took my birthright and now he took my blessing”. Here the root עקב means “crooked” as in Kings-II 10:19 and Jeremiah 17:9 (Ibn Ezra). [According to Rashi (following Onkelos), it means “to outwit” or “to trap”.]
So, Ya’acov’s name is a double-edged sword that can be construed as a blessing or as an insult. Similarly, Rambam (Epistle to Yemen) explains that the Divine promise “your seed shall be like the dust of the earth” (Bereishith 28:14) has a double meaning: even though the Jewish nation is lowly, and trampled upon by all the nations (i.e., they are like dust that is trampled on) – they will in the end survive, endure, and be victorious over all their enemies (i.e. like dust that remains long after those who trampled on it have expired). Moreover, just as the dust eventually covers those who trample upon it, so too will Israel outlive its oppressors.
Curiously, the Gemara (Berachoth 13a) states that even though Ya’acov is eventually renamed Yisrael (Bereishith 32:29, 35:10), this name does not replace the original name, but is added to it. If, as above, Hashem himself named Jacob as Ya’acov, this makes perfect sense. But what is the point of adding another name?
The answer would seem to be that the name Yisrael reflects the blessing inherent in the name Ya’acov. For you have striven… and prevailed (Bereishith 32:29). That is, Ya’acov can be trodden by the heel of Esav, but can also outwit, outsmart, and outlast Esav.
Essentially, this is Ya’acov’s historic challenge: to make it clear to all that Ya’acov is Yisrael. The one who endures, the one who outlasts all others, the one who in the end prevails.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin: World Condemnation Superfluous – Israel’s Leaders Must Take Responsibility

“I do not expect the world to be horrified,” said MK Moshe Feiglin after Tuesday’s terror attack in Jerusalem. “It really makes no difference to me.”
“I do not expect Abu Mazen to condemn the terror attack,” Feiglin continued. “That is ridiculous.
"I certainly do not expect Jordan’s King Abdullah to solve the security problems in Jerusalem. That is really outrageous."
“I expect only one thing:” Feiglin concluded. “Leadership that understands that responsibility for Israel’s security lies solely on its shoulders; Leadership that expects nothing from anyone but itself.”

Blame the Jews

(Editor's Note: This prescient article was written one day before the terror attack in the Jerusalem synagogue)

By Moshe Feiglin

This morning, a senior political figure claimed that I am responsible for the fact that Jordan has recalled its ambassador to Israel. “Feiglin visited the Temple Mount with all his media and this is what ensued,” a journalist who called me for my reaction quoted him.
The senior political figure who makes anonymous accusations perfectly reflects Israel’s irresponsible and spineless policy on the Temple Mount. This approach will lead to a further escalation of violence and many more victims of terror.
The Ma’ariv newspaper reported today that during his brief visit last week to Jordan, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked King Abdullah to instruct the Moslem wakf to restore order to the Temple Mount. This reveals who the real sovereign is on the Temple Mount – at least according to the Prime Minister: none other than the king of Jordan, represented by the wakf.
I did not visit the Temple Mount with the media in tow. I visited in the same manner that I have visited every month for the past 15 years. This is the ‘status quo’ that the most senior political figure has sanctified. Jews may visit the Temple Mount, but disgracefully, cannot pray there. And as if in the theatre of the absurd, the ‘senior political figure’ expects that after the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehudah Glick, I will dissolve the status quo and stop visiting the Temple Mount. By rewarding terror, the political figures managing us attempt to buy just a bit more quiet in exchange for a terrible wave of violence that will descend upon us later.
Israel’s policy on the Temple Mount is the same irresponsible approach that brought about the wholesale release of terrorists; it is the same confused and fainthearted policy that prevented a clear victory in the war in Gaza; it is the same policy that preferred to ignore the terror in Jerusalem that sprung up as a result of the lack of victory in Gaza; it is the same policy that now prefers to blames the Jews –not the attackers- for the crisis, and to empower foreign sovereignty on the Temple Mount.
One would expect that after the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehudah Glick, all the ‘senior political figures’ would send the enemy a clear-cut message: Arab murderousness achieves the opposite result and strengthens Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount – the heart of Jerusalem and the most holy place in the world for the Jewish Nation.
“I expected,” I said to the Prime Minister at the Likud faction meeting, “that after the assassination attempt, all the nationalist MKs would visit the Temple Mount under your leadership. This would make it clear to all that no assassination attempt will drive us out of our holy places. That is the only way to restore calm to Israel.”
Instead, the ‘senior political figures’ unleashed a crusade against responsible Knesset Members who attempted to prevent the deterioration and preserve Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.
“We do not have rights in this land,” explained MK Ahmad Tibi when he ceremoniously visited the Temple Mount. “We have rights on the entire land.”
We cannot blame Tibi. He has simply accepted the clear invitation of those senior political figures – to come and take the Temple Mount from us.

MK Moshe Feiglin Analyzes the Israel-Arab Conflict on i24 News (English)

One Nation will be Stronger than the Other

By Rabbi Mordechai Greenberg
Rosh Yeshiva, Kerem B'Yavneh
Our sages have taught us: "If somebody tells you that both Caesarea and Jerusalem exist, do not believe it. If they say that Caesarea was destroyed and Jerusalem is settled or that Jerusalem was destroyed and Caesarea is settled you can believe it, as is written, 'One nation will be stronger than the other' [Bereishit 25:23]." [Megillah 6a].
When did the fortune begin to change for the first time? We are taught, "On the day that Shlomo married Pharaoh's daughter, Gavriel descended and stuck a reed ("kanneh") into the sea, and the reef of Rome was built there" [Sanhedrin 22]. The fact that Yisrael began to show an interest in Gentile culture eventually led to the rise of Rome. And Rome was the source of the spread of Christianity, which claims that it replaces Yisrael. According to the Rambam in various places, Eisav is Edom, and the people from Edom were the first ones "who followed 'that man' who claimed that he was Mashiach, and this error spread to Rome, which was holy for them." From there Christianity was disseminated to the entire world, a fulfillment of the above prophecy, "When one rises up the other falls."
Rav Avraham Yistzchak Kook wrote some remarkable things about the kanneh associated with Rome. "The ga'ar chayat kanneh, which in its literary form represents an obstacle, will have its lowly part removed – this is the part that descends to the depths of darkness – and what remains will become holy, using its strength to show what is suitable to be shown in the world... And the kanneh which became a reef on which the great city of Rome was built... will call out to the kanneh and declare: Behold, they are the first of Zion, and they will spread the news of Jerusalem. [Yeshayahu 41:27]." [Orot Hakodesh]. (In terms of Kabbalah, the "chayat kanneh" is a female animal representing the evil of Eisav, and "ge'ar chayat kanneh" is the male of the species.)
At the end of Pesachim, the Talmud teaches us that all the nations of the world will want to present gifts to the Mashiach, who will accept them. But when the Kingdom of Edom will appear, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will say to him, "Rebuke the chayat kanneh" [Tehillim 68:31]. The Talmud comments that this refers to the animal which lives among the reeds, the swine of Rome. In another commentary, the Talmud explains the verse to mean, rebuke the animal of Rome, and take possession (from the word "liknot," related to "kanneh") of the community of Yisrael. From that point on Yisrael will be on the rise and Rome will descend.
Another interpretation is as follows: Rebuke the animal whose actions are written down using a pen made from a reed. This refers to Christianity, which is involved in writing holy books and filing complaints about Yisrael.
Rav Kook expands this theme to the subject of literature in general. Many people oppose the concept of literary writing because the pen made from reeds (from a kanneh) is used to describe dark and negative objects. But Rav Kook feels that there is no need to destroy the kanneh completely and to refrain from using it. Rather, it must merely be fixed, removing the "lowly part" from it. The result will be that literary writing will be transformed into a blessing.
If we look at the graphical forms of the Hebrew letters, we see that "kuf" (the first letter of kanneh) has a long leg that extends below the line. If we shorten this leg somewhat, the "kuf" becomes a "heh," changing the word from kanneh to "hineh" – behold. This is one of the names of the Machiach – "Behold, they are the first of Zion (Rishon Letzion)."
This concept, that we should not try to completely destroy a negative object but rather to remove its negative aspects, is discussed by Rav Kook with respect to many different subjects, such as the rejection of the secular Zionist movement. The same is true for literature in general. Since this has control over the world today, "We must show that we can incorporate this skill so that it becomes our own, and we will no longer maintain an absolute rule that anybody who has literary talent or is a famous poet must be an apostate and a sinner by definition. We must destroy this false tower." [Igrot Rav Kook, Volume 1, page 195].

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Compassion and Truth/Hatred and Murder: HaRav Nachman Kahana on Parashat Toldot 5775

Parashat Toldot 5775 
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Compassion and Truth

The prophet Micha (7,20) requests from HaShem:
תתן אמת ליעקב חסד לאברהם אשר נשבעת לאבתינו מימי קדם:

Show Your truth to Ya’akov (fulfill Your truthful promise to Ya’akov that his descendants will be as multifold as the soil, in the merit of Ya’akov’s quality of truth) and show compassion to Abraham (in the merit of Avraham’s quality of compassion) as you pledged on oath to our ancestors (to Yitzchak at Mount Moriah) in days long ago.
Micha is informing us that Avraham was the master of compassion and Ya’akov the master of truth. However, the reality of Avraham’s and Ya’akov’s lives, as recorded in the few incidences in the Torah, seemingly does not substantiate this assessment.
In fact, in several of the incidents in Avraham’s biography we find a gross lack of compassion. Avraham banished Hagar and Yishmael to the wilderness and was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son Yitzchak. Avraham even embarked on a deadly war against four kings.
Ya’akov’s life is not a testimony to pure truth. Ya’akov took advantage of his brother’s hunger to receive the rights of the firstborn. He acted perfidiously when posing as Aisav in order to receive his brother’s blessings, and seemingly deceived Lavan more than once.
So how could the prophet Micha hold up Avraham as the virtuous symbol of compassion and Ya’akov as the virtuous symbol of truth?
I submit:
The Creator tests His righteous children just at the very point of their greatest resistance. Avraham’s greatest virtue was his compassion and love of man, as attested to by his hospitality towards all strangers who happened to pass his way. So HaShem commanded Avraham to subjugate his most passionate quality of compassion in the service of HaShem by making war, by sending Hagar and Yishmael into the wilderness and to sacrifice his beloved son Yitzchak by his own hands. That was the will of HaShem even when it ran counter to Avraham’s most basic moral orientation of chesed and compassion.
Ya’akov was the personification of emet – truth. He was the ultimate “ben Torah” who did not stray from the dictates of Halacha in the tent of Hashem. HaShem brings Ya’akov to the point of ultimate resistance where Ya’akov is commanded to subjugate his most basic instinct of truth to deceive his brother and his father in the service of the higher truth of HaShem.
These were challenges of the highest order when Avraham and Ya’akov were challenged to compromise their most moral and holy consciences to serve HaShem, even when they did not understand why they were being told to do so.
Authentic Halachic Jews share three common qualities, as stated in many of our holy sources, we are:
רחמנים ביישנים וגומלי חסדים
Naturally compassionate, humble and seek to perform deeds of loving kindness.
Cruelty, brutality, malice, callousness, ferocity, and sadism define the gentile, not the Jew. Behind almost every societal initiative in the world stands a Jew, whether it is acknowledged or not.

Hatred and Murder

There is an ever growing wave of brutality stemming from the Arabs in Eretz Yisrael towards the Jewish people. Just this morning, on the 25th of Cheshvan, two Arabs with Israeli citizenship entered a bet knesset in the Har Nof neighborhood of Yerushalayim with guns and knives and murdered at random 4 Jews, wounding another 8, and causing 24 children to suddenly be without their fathers.
This murderous incident follows on the wake of others which claimed of late the lives of many Jews. The Arabs, in addition to their religious beliefs that Jews have no place in the Holy Land, are emboldened and inspired by the inhumane actions of ISIS and other Islamic groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah to be more aggressive and murderous in their path to global Jihad.
Although the majority of Arabs here have not partaken in acts of violence, none of them are far away from crossing the line to sadistic murder, be it their sisters, wives and anyone who gets in their way.
The State of Israel was founded on the basic pillars of democracy and equal human rights. All citizens, be they Jew, Moslem, Druze etc., are equal before the law. No Arab in any of their 22 countries has the rights and privileges which are extended to the Arabs in Israel.
However, things have changed. The hatred spewed out daily from the mouths of their teachers, imams, mass media etc., has created a generation of Arabs whose daily diet consists of hating the Jew. Not every Arab will take a kitchen knife and put it into the back of a Jew walking in the street, but every Arab in the Medina exults in these acts and honors the perpetrators with the soubriquet Shahid – martyr.
As these acts increase in number and ferocity a change will come about in the thinking of our people and leaders. That when it is a question of life or death, we or them, the children of Yitzchak vs. the children of Yishmael, democratic principles must be suspended in the name of the ultimate goal of remaining alive.
Indeed, we are by nature compassionate, humble and seekers of deeds of loving kindness.
However, HaShem has not brought us here after 2000 years of galut, to die in the name of democracy and equal rights when dealing with a religion of psychotic murderers who believe in a god that lusts for the blood of the “kofer”.


With every passing day it becomes clear to more and more people that we and Islam cannot live together. Our mother Sarah had it right when she requested that Avraham send Yishmael away; it was an indication for her children 3500 years later of the path we have to take when dealing with the pereh adam – the wild beast of Yishmael.
We have to adopt a mindset that will permit us in clear conscience to do everything necessary to guarantee the survival and thriving of the Jewish people in Eretz Yisrael. For if we falter, no compassion will be extended to us by the Arabs and there will not be another chance.

Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5775/2014 Nachman Kahana

A Long-Term Conflict

Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed

Dedicated to the memory of Hana Bat Haim

1.. Religion at the Root
2.. A Jewish State
3.. Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Religion at the Root
The ongoing confrontation between Israel and the Arabs living in the Land of Israel is not an isolated dispute; it is in fact a confrontation between the Nation of Israel as a whole and the entire Arab people. The aspiration of the Jewish people, to return to our homeland in its entirety and to thrive as citizens of own Jewish state, free from the yoke of the nations and in accordance with the distinctive spirit of Israel, thus fulfilling our unique role in the world - this aspiration is our very life. It did not ceased throughout the two-thousand-year exile, and it began to take concrete practical shape more than one hundred years ago. We are today in the midst of an ingathering of exiles, the return of the people to its homeland - the holy land of its forefathers..

In contrast, the ambition of the Arab nation as a whole is that the entire Land of Israel be under Islamic-Arab rule. The Arab world-view claims that the Nation of Islam has replaced the People of Israel, that Islam is the true heir to the Israel and its faith..
Suddenly, the Jewish People have risen up again after two-thousand years of Exile. Its spiritual and material assets - the Torah of Israel and the Land of Israel - have not been bequeathed to another people. They are the exclusive property of the living Nation of Israel. Islam is not willing to come to grips with this fact. It desires that the entire Holy Land be subject to its own rule. Hence, the struggle between us and the Arabs living in the Land of Israel is a confrontation between the Jewish people and its faith on the one hand, and the Arab nation and its faith on the other.

For this reason, it is fruitless to consider a solution to the troubled relations between Israel and the Arabs which is detached from the source of the confrontation. If we refuse to recognize the source of the problem we will not be capable of dealing with it properly. The source of the conflict is religious in nature, and religious conflicts can find no true solution in political agreements. Its solution must be searched for in the religious-theological arena. We, for our part, request of God that a solution eventually be reached "neither through militia nor through force, but through My spirit."

The recognition that the source of the conflict between the Israel and the Arabs is national-religious in nature, obligates one to accept the fact that it is bound to go on for a very long period of time. Our approach to dealing with the conflict need not demand finding some solution to the conflict, but learning to live with it. We must rather accept the fact that we do not presently possess any way of solving the conflict: neither side is ready to abandon its national-religious aspirations. Therefore, we must learn how to live with the conflict. In the same manner that each of us must learn to live with hardships, difficulties, illnesses and catastrophes which contain no solution, so we must learn how to live with Arab hostility and terror..

We must learn to limit the amount of attention we give to this problem, to restrict the matter to its appropriate boundaries without putting all of our efforts and energies into it. Most of our energies must be poured into efforts to advance goals such as gathering in all of the exiles, strengthening the population of Israel, developing the Jewish State, and endowing it with the kind of spirit which makes us a unique nation. We must stop chasing after peace. Peace is neither relevant nor practical. Of course we do not desire war, and we are forever willing to discuss peace, but there is no reason to go chasing after peace, for the more that we chase after it, the more it distances itself from us.. If we stop chasing after peace, it will at least stop distancing itself from us.

A Jewish State 
The State of Israel must see itself as a State for the entire Jewish nation. This was the reason for its establishment, and this is how it should be. The State of Israel is not a multi-national, non-denominational entity; it is the state of the Jewish people - the entire Jewish people. Though Israel’s non-Jewish citizens, the Arabs, are citizens with the same rights as Jews, and each citizen of Israel is free to live his private life according to his own world-view and faith, the state as such must be Jewish with an unequivocal Jewish character.

Accordingly, the State of Israel must see every Jew in the world as a potential citizen. Every Jew should be allowed to take advantage of this privilege and receive citizenship, even if one has not yet immigrated to the Land of Israel and settled permanently herein. This step will have the effect of strengthening the connection between the land and the people. The assertion that the State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people is nothing new. It is anchored in Israel’s Scroll of Independence, and in the spirit of the Law of Return. This new measure, though, will serve to strengthen the true fabric of the state and reinforce the bond between Diaspora Jewry and the state. Giving voting privileges to Jews living abroad, on the condition that they come to Israel regularly for short visits, will shrink the looming demographic question.

The assertion that the State of Israel is the state of the entire Jewish people justifies our claim to the entire Land of Israel. The world community understands and recognizes the fact that the Jewish people have a right to their own state; the world community also understands that the Land of Israel is the place for such a state - it is the ancestral homeland of the Jews. Consequently, our claim that the entire land, according to its historical-biblical boundaries should be the homeland of the Jews, and that it is improper to prevent us from settling the entire land will be understood.

The assertion that the State of Israel is the state of the entire Jewish people and that its objective is to ingather all of the Jews and to create a distinctly Jewish national life will make the depth of the conflict between us and the Arabs better understood. This is important because to hide from this fact only blurs the situation; instead of aiding to bring about a solution, it aggravates it. Presenting superficial solutions will, in the end, only cause heightened eruptions - and experience testifies to this.

We must accept the fact that at the present time there is no viewable solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Neither side wishes to join the other to create one united nation. It is therefore best to reduce the mingling of the two nations. The Arabs should be left to live their own private lives as they please, and they should also be allowed to manage their communal-cultural-religious life as they see fit in every area that it is possible for them to do this on their own. The state has the responsibility to encourage this separation between us maximally in order to safeguard our Jewish identity while at the same time allowing them to preserve their own identity. Joint activities will find expression only in those unavoidable areas where it is impossible to manage separate systems. In this manner we will succeed in reducing daily tension.

The state will guarantee complete equal rights, but it will also possess a very clear identity: it will be a state for the Jewish people; it will prevent citizens from assaulting its own sovereignty and Jewish aims.

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
We cannot finish without touching upon Jerusalem.. Unified Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel, and the Temple Mount is the most holy site the Jewish people have. The Holy City must be subject entirely to Jewish authority, and we must demand that the Temple Mount, because of its tremendous sanctity, be closed off to all people until both the Jewish people and the world are prepared to aspire to such a level of sanctity..

In sum, the conflict between Israel and the Arabs runs very deep. It is a religious conflict to which there exists no solution at present. We must therefore stop investing all of our efforts in trying to create a path to peace. We must, rather, pour our energies into transforming Israel into a state for all of the Jewish people in the world and imbuing it with a clear Jewish character. We must keep the entire Land of Israel in our possession, declare an all out war on terrorism, and manage life in Israel such that there be as much separation between us and the Arabs in daily affairs as possible - not to blur identities.

It is impossible to halt the process of Israel’s national revival, the reclamation of its entire land, and revival of its unique path. We are constantly progressing; every seeming barrier acts as an impetus to ascension toward the complete redemption. Fortunate is he who has the privilege of lending a hand in God’s ongoing redemption of Israel.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Arab Violence is War Against Israel

By MK Moshe Feiglin

In response to the outbreak of Arab rioting in northern Israel and the continued Arab violence in Jerusalem, MK Moshe Feiglin called upon the government to recognize that the Arabs have declared war on the State of Israel.
“When Knesset Members continue to visit the Temple Mount after the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the security chiefs blame them for the escalating violence,” said Feiglin.
“When citizens at a train stop are intentionally run over, the authorities put cement barriers on the sidewalks,” he continued.
“When police officers shoot a terrorist threatening them with a knife, the police are blamed – not the terrorist.
The time has come for the government to understand. We are in a war. The Arabs protesting now in northern Israel are waving the enemy Hamas and Fatah flags.
Wars are not won by placing cement blocks on the sidewalks.
Wars are not won by rewarding those who wish to remove Jews from the Temple Mount.
Wars are not won by placing the blame on the police, who are doing their job.
Either those responsible should decide to win – or they should step down,” Feiglin concluded.